Sky Restaurant 634

Last weekend I went up Tokyo Skytree again. It was my third visit. The purpose this time was having 30th wedding anniversary dinner with my husband at the Sky Restaurant 634 (Musashi) on the Tembo Deck which is 345m high.

On that day it rained hard around noon and the weather was not very good, so I didn’t expect a good view from the tower. However, when we arrived there it miraculously cleared up. The meaning of the Chinese character “Haru” used in my name is “sunny”, so I really think I have a good name.

Before dinner we went up to the Tembo Galleria, the highest viewpoint (450m). Suddenly I shouted, “We can see Mt.Fuji !!” In my past two visits I couldn’t see it even on fine days, so I was very happy. It seemed to be floating above the clouds. It was fabulous!

During our dinner it became darker. The night view from Skytree was amazing. We could see Tokyo Tower illuminated in Oympic colors, as it was the last day of the games.

The dinner was a fusion of classical and modern culinary styles that combined traditional Edo-period ingredients with various ingredients from around Tokyo. Summing it up, it was French with some Japanese taste. Everything was delicious. I chose a lobster and my husband chose fillet steak.

The price is rather high, but it’s natural because the altitude is also high. We wondered how they brought the materials up there, but we found a secret elevator especially set up for this purpose. I recommend this restaurant to anyone with enough energy and patience to make a reservation.

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